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Its My Time

Movin' On

5 June 1974
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I'm Hilary, thirty-ish years old, divorced mother to one. (More to come about her later) I work in banking, spend way too much time on the computer, and adore making graphics. I own and run an icon community, , make at and I really suck at updating :( I should more, but find that every time I try its kind of a yawn fest. I also have a small obsession with :: made by the incredible r_sambora_luvr

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My daughter is six and will be starting First Grade here in the next bit, she's the light of my life and the reason that I drag my ass out of bed and go to work in the morning. She's funny, smart and beautiful.

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A little bit of pimpage for some of the communities I belong to and adore.
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Credits:: userinfo banners royaltie
Header:: me
Graphics are credited unles I have a total brain cramp and have lost who made it for me, PLEASE if I have something wrong or not credited drop me a comment and I'll fix it up ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!